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3 KO Male is a pill for men that has an emphasis on increasing the libido. The ingredients contained within the pills have long been used to treat sexual problems, including a lack of sexual drive and other functions like erectile dysfunction and poor stamina.

One of the key ingredients in this product is Cordyceps. This extract is known to be useful for a number of things. In this case, it acts as a sex hormone and may help rejuvenate men’s sexual vitality. It is also commonly used for regulating blood pressure, helping with breathing issues, and remaining youthful.

Another sexual booster that finds its way into 3 KO is Dong Quai. While it is more known for being helpful in increasing the libido in females, many experts are now recommending it for men, especially men in their 40s and 50s who have seen desire decrease.

Possibly the most potent of the ingredients in this formula is Cnidium Monnieri. It is known to be effective in relaxing the smooth muscle of the penis. If this happens, it may allow for the flow of blood into the penis caverns to be more plentiful. When more blood pools into these areas, it can create an erection that is stronger and – essentially – larger.

Finally, sexual stamina is addressed by the inclusion of Schizandra Berry. This berry may be helpful in increasing men’s stamina during sexual intercourse, helping him to more completely control how long he can last before ejaculating. It is also known to help people who have problems concentrating.

– may improve sexual response
– may improve stamina

– few potent ingredients
– likely will take some time for full results

– Walnut
– Asian Ginseng
– Cordyceps
– Astragalus
– Dong Quai
– Cherokee Rose
– Cnidium
– Flat-Stem Milkvetch
– Ligustrum
– Schizandra

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