Ah Santi

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3 out of 5.

AH-Santi is a new herbal product that has been in use in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, and claims to produce an increase in sexual stamina – as well as larger, fuller erections. The pill is taken only twenty-five minutes prior to sex, and the results are said to be apparent almost immediately. Ingredients include ginseng, collagen, amino acids, and calcium; all of these are known to have a positive effect on sexual health.


- includes ginseng, an effective compound
- simple formula
- decently priced
- claims to increase sexual stamina
- claims to give men larger, fuller erections
- treats achy legs

- no money-back guarantee
- does NOT include Yohimbe
- Mmany dissatisfied customers speaking out
- does not include Epimedium

- Ginseng
- Collagen
- Amino Acids
- Calcium
- “Chinese Herbs”

Collected on July 8, 2010
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