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Ambrina is an herbal supplement designed for use by men who are trying to combat erectile dysfunction. It may help men gain better erections through stimulating the libido, improving the blood flow into the penis, and increase all-around sexual performance.

A few of the “normal” ingredients are included in this product, along with a great number of lesser-known ones. Two of the common extracts are Yohimbe and Saw Palmetto, both known as aphrodisiacs. While both are said to be effective, Yohimbe certainly gets more attention concerning erectile dysfunction. It is known to be very powerful when high-grade ingredients are used; so powerful, in fact, that some people say it can be too much – and cause some side effects. So while it may be beneficial in helping improve sex drive and bring more blood into the caverns of the penis, users may want to speak to their doctors before taking products containing Yohimbe. Saw Palmetto is known to be less direct, often taking some time before really showing results. It is also used in a number of formulas that address the health of the prostate, containing Beta Sitosterol, one of the most recommended plant sterols for helping with enlarged-prostate symptoms.

Tribulus Terrestris is another well-known aphrodisiac, and is frequently used to to encourage the body to produce more testosterone. Over time, elevated testosterone levels may spark up the sex drive – as well as provide a number of other benefits that are specific to the male biology.

Two of the less common ingredients that may have an impact in this formula are Centaurea Behen and Salvia haematodes. The first is said to revive some of the users’ sexuality and create thicker semen. The second is thought to improve erectile function and also improve ejaculate, based on an intense study done on rats.

– may improve quality of erections
– may improve all-around sexual health

– contains some unproven ingredients
– Yohimbe may not be for everyone

– Saw Palmetto
– Guarana
– Avena Sativa
– Yohimbe
– Tribulus Terrestris
– Siberian Ginseng
– Amber
– Bambusa Arundinacea
– Asphaltum
– Cinnamommum Cassia
– Centaurea Behen
– Doronicum Pardalia
– Delphinium Denudatum
– Salvia Haematodes
– Paeonia Emodi
– Strychnos Nuxvomica
– Serpentine Bezoar
– Zingiber Officinale

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