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2 out of 5.

Androx is a male-enhancement pill that claims to boost hormone levels in men. It aims to increase sex drive by enhancing testosterone, like many other supplements found on the market. Popular review sites have mostly thumbs-down ratings for Androx. One of the downfalls of the product is that we could not find an official website with extended facts and studies showing the product to be effective. With all the competition for enhancements, thorough advertising and explanations seem to be key. There is another sexual stimulant out there called Anadrox that is not to be mistaken for Androx, as they are used for two different things. Although consumers may enjoy that Androx is a natural product, it is unclear what makes this male enhancement product stand out over others.


– Claims to boost hormones in men.

– No official website.
– Does not include Yohimbe.

– Tongkat Ali
– Cordyceps
– Epimedium
– Tribulus terrestris

Collected on July 15, 2010
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