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Rating Breakdown
Lacks Saw Palmetto
Lacks Lycopene
Low Quantity of Zinc (10 mg)
Recommended replacement: ViProsta

Antiiva claims to be a speedy, all-natural solution for men suffering from enlarged prostates. The main standout ingredient is Beta-Sitosterol, one of the most common ingredients in many comparable prostate formulas. It aims to keep the prostate functioning at a normal level as well as promote healthy all-around sexual desire and performance.

Aside from Beta-Sitosterol, Antiiva has included a dosage of zinc in their formula. Zinc is used for a variety of purposes in the body, with sexual health and healthy prostate being on the list. Concerning specific sexual health, zinc has been linked to promoting the making of healthy sperm as well as increasing the amount of sperm that the man’s body produces. This can be beneficial if couples are looking to conceive children. Unfortunately, our diets can be lacking in the zinc department, which is one reason supplements have become so popular in recent years. In the case of the prostate, zinc is thought to act as an antioxidant as well as to help protect the prostate from getting cancer.

Pumpkin Seed Oil is another ingredient contained in Antiiva that can be occasionally found in other prostate supplements. Is is thought to reduce the damage that can be done to the cells in the prostate, as well as a treatment for a prostate that has become enlarged.

Antiiva claims that their formula’s main ingredient can be found in prescription medications around the world to help with prostate health.

– may treat enlarged prostate
– may promote sexual health

– short ingredient list
– may not act quickly for all men

– Beta-Sitosterol
– Campestrol
– Stigmastrol
– Brassicasterol
– Isoflavones
– Selenium
– Zinc Nitrate
– Pumpkin Seed Oil

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  1. Jerry cooke

    28. Jan, 2014

    I have been ordering Antiiva from Hampshire Labs for over 5 years with satisfactory results. However I have experienced trouble getting my product since September 2013. I had mailed in an order for 6 months supply but didn’t received it and had to use another product which did not have good results. On January 1 2014 I phoned in a six month order. I never received that order so phoned them again to discover they had no record . I ordered again on January 15th and was told my Antiiva would be rushed out to me. Today I called to check on my order and was told they have the Antiiva on back order and it my be three weeks before I receive it. Now I am out of my Prostrate medicine for 4 days and looking for a new supplier. Can you help. I was paying &119.00 for 6 month supply of Antiiva but don’t like the way the company has been lying to me .

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