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Aspire36 is designed by Palo Alto Labs. It is one of the many male enhancement products on the market that claims to help men deal with erectile dysfunction. This natural supplement plans to overcome ED with its “secret formula” that, unfortunately, is not disclosed anywhere. They claim to allow for firmer erections, and make a man last longer during intercourse. Aspire 36 is a series of liquid-gel capsules that are meant to last for a month of regular usage. Consumers will enjoy the fact that this product is delivered in discreet packaging (most male enhancements offer that feature as well; just not all).


– claims to enhance a man’s sex life
– claims to help men overcome problems with E.D.
– natural ingredients

– formula is not listed
– does not include Yohimbe
– website lacks factual support and is covered in self-promoting advertisements

– Oleic acid
– Epimedium
– Velvet bean
– L dopa
– Euricoma longifolia extract
– Tribulus terrestris
– L arginine
– Icariin
– Chrysin powder
– Avena sativa

Collected on July 9, 2010
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