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CetylPure from Natrol is a supplement designed to lubricate joints and provide relief from some of the discomfort associated with arthritis. As we age, our joints can begin to break down; the ingredients in this formula are thought to help delay or undo some of this process.

Cetyle Myristoleate, the active ingredient in CetylPure, is somewhat of a different approach to arthritis remedies. While this is not the only formula taking this approach, it is far less common than using ingredients like glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, etc. They way that it is theorized to work is to essentially help with regulating the immune system.

The claim is that if the immune system can be regulate properly, many of the things that attack the joints will cease. If this can happen, it is said that the inflammation and pain levels can drop dramatically, helping people to live with more mobility and flexibility in their aching joints.

Other claims about Cetyl Myristoleate is that it can begin to work faster than many other compounds, with reports that people begin to feel relief in as little as three days.

Users are directed to take two capsules each day, preferably with food to prevent possible upset stomach.

– may help regulate the immune system
– may help with inflammation

– contains only one active ingredient
– studies may be inconclusive

– Cetyl Myristoleate Complex

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