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Cockstar is a male enhancement pill sold on dozens of online vendors. This pill is designed to end erectile dysfunction, boost sex drive, and increase energy. Increased sex drive is done with use of testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs. Along with a rush of energy, this greatly improves the chance of achieving and maintaining an erection. Unfortunately, many consumers may not be interested in receiving a boost of energy or testosterone because of the additional effects independent of a boost in sex drive. For example, one might be searching for similar effects in an energy pill. Next, Cockstar includes many typical ingredients. Many of these are commonly found in male enhancement formulas because they are cheap, natural, and lack study.


-all natural

-similar to an energy pill
-no study in the formulation of these ingredients

-Eurycoma Longfolia
-Epimedium, Maca
-Gingko Biloba
-Tribulus Terrestris
-Mucuna Pruriens
-Cnidium Monnier
-Butea Superba
-Sophora Flavesencs

Collected on November 10, 2010
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  1. steve

    07. Dec, 2013

    where can i buy thIs cock star and how much Thank you very much

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