Doctor’s Best Celadrin

Overall Review:
3 out of 5.

Why 3 Stars?
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Rating Loss Breakdown:
Basic formula lacking Glucosamine
Lacks Chondroitin
Lacks Vitamin D3
3 Capsule Serving Size
Recommended replacement: Movexa Joint Support

Doctor’s Best Celadrin is a blend of fatty acids that claims to assist in joint functioning and flexibility. It aims to penetrate the membranes of cells, thereby enhancing permeability and signaling between cells.

The compound Celadrin is comprised of a mixture of fatty acids from cow tallow oil, and is not known to have any adverse side effects. It is thought to help inhibit inflammation in joints and lubricate the cell membranes. It has been likened to the effects fatty acids found in fish oils; EPA and DHA. However, many say that the effects of Celadrin can be much more dramatic, especially concerning the functioning of the joints.

Celadrin has undergone clinical trials that have been published in the Journal of Rheumatology and other publications. Compared to the test subjects that received the placebo, users of Celadrin reported better flexibility, less pain, and less aching. They were also generally able to walk farther than the other group. Studies suggest that both the pill form of Celadrin and the topical cream can work.

While some studies suggest that Celadrin may work more effectively on joints than the popular glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate/msm trio, there are arguably as many that suggest just the opposite. Much of it may come down to personal preference and biology, while likely more clinical trials need to be done on all forms of joint support for users to make proper decisions on these products.

Users are directed to take one capsule three times a day.

– may help with flexibility
– may help with joint pain

– only one real active ingredient
– requires dedication

– Celadrin
– Palimate
– Palmitoleate with Tapioca

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Clinical Studies:

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