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Dr. Joel Kaplan HAS a website that offers products for men wishing to reach the highest possible size in a smaller amount of time, offering results users have not been able to achieve with several other expansion devices or hand pumps. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s products claim to cause perpetual and secure enlargement of the penis and assist in fixing erectile dysfunction. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s products claim to provide a gain of one to three inches for good, both soft and firm, and expand the circumference of the penis by twenty-five percent. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s kit also claims to help adjust the curvature of the penis. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s kit is accompanied by a nine inch long, two-inch wide, see-through cylinder tunnel fastened to a compression-performance vacuum pump. The fastened gauge shows the account of to what degree of pressure the user is utilizing.

Hyperemiation is the medical term for the method of enlarging the penis by a vacuum pump. Dr. Joel Kaplan’s penis pump includes the method of using a handmade cylinder that adjusts, easily covering the penis. Included in Dr. Joel Kaplan’s kit is a Hand Tripp Vacuum Pump. The Hand Tripp Vacuum Pump is of minimal weight, heavy duty, and manual. The Hand Tripp Vacuum Pump consists of a pressure discharge valve right at the user’s fingertips. The Hand Tripp Vacuum Pumps is accompanied with a gauge, measuring air pressure that permits the user to oversee the quantity of pressure the vacuum is applying.

Another part included in Dr. Joel Kaplan’s kit is the Hand Made Expansive Cylinder and Connecter Hose. The size of the cylinder provided in this kit is two inches. Every cylinder is handmade and built of the most excellent, manufactured-strength transparent acrylic. These cylinders are diminished close to the peak to equal the normal anatomy of the user’s penis — and broadened at the bottom for the greatest enjoyment.

For the most notable outcome, be sure to choose the right sizes for the parts you are ordering. If the user’s scrotum is snug up to the user’s body, choose the smaller part. If the user’s scrotum is corresponding to the user’s soft penis, choose the average part.  Same rules apply if the scrotum is fuller; choose the larger part.

– may expand the circumference of the penis by twenty-five percent
– may provide a gain of one to three inches

– if a user pumps for too long or too hard, they may run the risk of busting blood vessels
– may cause minor irritations or water blisters

Collected on December 19, 2010
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