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Enduranz is a natural supplement for men that aims to restore sexual – among other – energy to men that may have been lost as age takes over. Testosterone levels can decline, and Enduranz claims to be able to help with this issue.

The main ingredient in Enduranz is seen all over the male-enhancement product market. It – along with Tribulus Terrestris (not included in the Endurenz formula) – is one of the most popular herbal solutions to boosting testosterone levels. When these hormonal levels drop, a man can start to see problems with having a full head of hair, teeth problems, and last but not least sexual problems. Rather than going to the doctor and getting testosterone injections, many men instead choose to take herbal supplements that many feel can be just as effective – and typically without noticeable side effects.

Another angle to the sexual function of a man that not a large number of these types of supplements address is all-around health and immune system function. Since all parts of the body work together, it is interesting that many others do not. Enduranz has taken this approach, however, bu including Malungay in their formula. Malungay is used in many cultures as an antioxidant, seeking out and destroying free radicals in the body that, if left untreated, can cause serious complications.

– may boost testosterone levels
– may increase sexual energy

– Tongkat Ali can take some time to show marked improvement
– few ingredients

– Tongkat Ali
– Banaba
– Malunggay
– Gotu Kola

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