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Erecta is an herbal supplement for enhancing male libido and stamina as well as contributing to multiple and longer lasting orgasms. During sexual arousal, the brain sends a message to the corpora cavernosa, chambers in the penis, to fill up with blood. Erecta stimulates an increased blood flow resulting in an erection that feels longer, thicker, and firmer.

Asian males have historically recognized Erecta’s natural herbal qualities that heighten sexual performance which can continue to last for days. These potent herbs are free from chemicals and drugs that may harm the body.  No dangerous penis exercises are required, and Erecta is safe for men with erectile dysfunction. While Erecta is not a cure for premature ejaculation, its effects help delay it.

Some males refer to Erecta as a tonic that arouses them sexually because it renders a more acute sense of touch.  For males who suffer from exhaustion and declining libidos attributed to stress, Erecta’s combination of herbs helps relieve stress and delivers powerful aphrodisiacs to combat impotency. With age, testosterone levels decrease. Erecta may enhance testosterone and restore sexual interest.

Since Erecta does not require a prescription, males who are uncomfortable discussing sexual issues with a health care professional may order Erecta in private.

– natural herbs
– no harmful side effects
– no prescription needed

– not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration
– not a cure
– no available scientific research data available

– niacinamide
– zinc (as zinc citrate)
– horney goat weed extract
– shilajit extract
– herba cistanche bark 5:1
– cordyceps
– ashwagandha root extract
– yohimbe bark extract 8%
– schizandra berry extract (9% schizandrins)
– morinda  (root) 10:1
– macuna prureins seed extract
– ginkgo biloba extract 50:1
– ginseng extract
– maca
– butea superba 30:1 root extract
– cuscuta (seed) 2.5% flavanoids
– cinnamon bark std extract
– magnolia bark extract
– pygeum bark extract
– gelatin
– rice
– flour
– magnesium stearate

Collected on December 30, 2010
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