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High T is a male supplement that aims to increase a man’s sex drive, improve stamina and strength, and help with all-around vitality and energy – especially concerning sexual health.

Testofen, or Fenugreek extract, is a very popular herb commonly used to promote a healthy libido and to promote healthy testosterone function. It is thought to bind to testosterone receptors and simulate testosterone action.

In some animal studies, Testofen has been reported to not only help with erection functioning, but to help with sexual drive and to promote better muscle mass.

Also included in the High T formula is Tongkat Ali. This is one of the most popular herbs that is seen in male enhancement formulas, especially ones specifically designed to promote better sexual health. It is used as a reproductive tonic, administered to many couples who are trying to conceive children, as it is thought to help regulate hormonal levels which could increase the chances of fertilization. Many athletes in different cultures will take Tongkat Ali supplements to help boost their testosterone levels for their athletic performances. Many say that using this herbal extract can help strengthen a man’s libido, increase his muscle mass, and promote all-around sexual wellness.

Users are directed to take two pills each day with full glasses of water. For best results, it is recommended to take the supplement alongside a sensible diet and regular exercise. Users are not to take more than four pills in a 24-hour period.

– may increase the libido
– may increase muscle mass

– contains few active ingredients
– dedication is required to see testosterone levels rise

– Vitamin E
– Vitamin B6
– Vitamin B12
– Zinc
– Testofen Fenugreek Extract
– Trigonella Foenum Graceum Seed Extract
– Tongkat Ali
– Rhodiola Extract
– Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

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