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Rating Loss Breakdown
Lacks Chondroitin
6 Capsule Serving Size
Recommended replacement: Movexa Joint Support

Oxycollasyn is a formula for joints to help with arthritis and other joint issues. It aims to help ease the pain of sore joints and increase mobility and flexibility to help sufferers lead the active lifestyles they desire.

They say the key to their formula is their patented ingredients. The first of these is BioCell Collagen II. They say that clinical trials have shown that it can strengthen the joints and the skin, as well as provide other benefits for overall health.

Celadrin is another ingredient in this formula. It is a lubricant for cells that some say is a breakthrough concerning the health of joints. It has been said that cell-membrane elasticity and fluidity – as well as lubrication of the joints – can see improvement within the first 30 days of taking this product. It is also used to inhibit inflammation, preventing some of the pain associated with arthritis.

Another “key” ingredient contained in Oxycollasyn is FruiteX-B; a nutrient whose properties include helping with joint inflammation and joint oxidation. It may help fight against Long-term tissue damage in the joints and help detoxify the joint area.

The other ingredients in this formula more or less compliment the “main” ones that we have listed here. While herbal remedies such as Ginger, etc. are thought to be effective in treating joint pain, more studies with proven results may need to be done in order for such ingredients to approach the level of respect that ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin have reached.

Users are directed to consume three Oxycollasyn pills up to two times daily, preferably with full glasses of water. Each bottle of Oxycollasyn contains 120 capsules and so when taken as directed, each bottle should last the user around one month. Oxycollasyn, according to the company, is not known to have any adverse side effects and is completely safe to take.

– may lubricate the joints
– may ease arthritis pain

– requires dedication
– potency of all ingredients not known

– Glucosamine
– Collagen II
– FruiteX-B
– Ginger
– Green-Lipped Mussels
– Hops
– 5-Loxin
– Celadrin
– SAMe

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