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Kohinoor Gold is an all-natural product that aims to help men gain confidence in bed while increasing their stamina. While many of the “typical” ingredients that are found in male-enhancement supplements are not in this formula, they include some that many say are tried and true in certain cultures around the world.

The first of these is Ashwagandha. This extract is known for its ability to relax users. The tie-in to sexual health is that many men approach sexual intercourse with a lot of anxiety and pressure to perform. If this anxiety can be alleviated, the mental side is somewhat taken out of the equation, allowing the body to act naturally and enjoy the sexual experience. This may help men who are having issues sustaining an erection as well as men who are suffering from premature ejaculation.

Kaunch Beej has a variety of uses, with one of them being a mild aphrodisiac. One of the things that many men talk about as they get older is the depreciation of their sex drive. If this and other herbs can address this situation, then over time, a man may begin to see much of his sex drive return.

Gokshura is a form of Tribulus Terrestris, used to beef up testosterone levels in men. This is another problem men can encounter as they age. If these levels can be addressed, men may start to notice a variety of problems begin to go away, especially concerning their sex drives.

– may help increase sexual stamina
– may enhance erection quality

– may cause mild side effects
– some ingredients largely unfamiliar to many men

– Ashwagandha
– Kaunch Beej
– Gokshura
– Shatavari
– Safed musli
– Shilajit
– Jatiphala

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