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M-drive is a supplement for men to be taken daily. It claims to improve stamina, strength, and ultimately a man’s vitality in general. The company states that its powerful blend of extracts – extremely concentrated ones – has been developed with the intent to provide assistance in maintaining healthy cardio and testosterone. The supplement also strives to support users’ inner core, allowing for men to perform at the highest possible levels.

The ingredients are key to this product: Cordyceps Mushroom and Fenugreek Seed extracts are utilized, and when these extracts meet with the rest of M-drive’s ingredients, they say that the result can give a man fuel and strengthen his adrenal glands. Studies have also shown that Cordyceps may help in sustaining healthy cholesterol levels.

M-drive states that the Fenugreek Seed Extract has been shown to aid in sustaining healthy levels of testosterone. This is accomplished without hormone therapy. The other extract mentioned – Cordyceps Extract – has been shown to enhance blood flow to our vital organs (and extremities). When the supply of blood to your brain is sustained at a healthy level, this is a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Not allowing your heart to get too stressed also appears to be in this extract’s repertoire.

The supplement claims to meet its aforementioned goals without giving its users the dreaded “caffeine buzz”. Many supplements seem to fall into that trap, either willingly or unwillingly. Instead of utilizing common ingredients like caffeine or ephedrine – which is referred to as “perceived” energy – M-drive’s approach is to use Cordyceps to assist in increased “ATP”, an energy-releasing molecule. The result, according to M-drive, is more “actual energy” and fuel that the body burns cleanly.

– may give men the energy they need to sustain a healthy lifestyle
– no “caffeine buzz”

– may be costly for some
– general-wellness supplement: some men require formulas specific to certain issues

– Vitamin B12
– Fenugreek Seed Extract
– Cordyceps Sinesis Extract
– Maitake Extract
– Maca Extract
– American Ginseng Extract
– Damiana Extract

Collected on April 8, 2011
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