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MacaActive is for men looking to improve their sex drives. A declining sex drive can mean a number of things, and very often it is due to hormonal problems as men age. The thought is that if a balance is found, much of the youthfulness of his libido can return.

The active ingredient in MacaActive is of course Maca Root. Maca Root is from a tree found in Peru in the Andes Mountains. The root of the plant is similar to a radish in appearance, often appearing in purple, black, and white. For over two-thousand years, many different cultures have reported the positive effects this extract can have.

It is thought that it stimulates the endocrine system, the system in the body that regulates hormonal production. When hormones become unbalanced in men (a common problem as they age), libido can drop, they can experience a lack of mental and physical vitality, and other sexual problems can ensue.

Maca Root also is thought to increase fertility. The logic is that if there is more testosterone in a man’s body, it can have this effect. In women, Maca Root has been said to increase estrogen levels, thereby increasing her fertility as well.

Finally, many believe that the extract can boost the strength of the immune system, since the immune system works together with hormonal activity.

– may increase libido
– may serve as an all-around product

– only one presumed ingredient
– can require some dedication

– Maca Root

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