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Man King is a formula aimed at aiding males sexually. The formula consists of animal and herbal derived extracts. Man King claims to enhance the levels of energy in the user as well as boosting erectile functions for males who are experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Man King is also marketed for men who may want some extra help in the area of sexual enhancement. Man King claims that it can boost the extent of ejaculations and boost the user’s power over their orgasms. Man King may also increase the size of the penis, as the user begins to take more of the product. This is due to the amplified effects it has on circulation of the blood.

Man King was made to boost erectile activity. This could be why they have included Ginseng in its formula. Ginseng is something that has been used in Asia because it is believed to boost erectile activity and approaches erectile difficulties. Ginseng can boost sexual desire and levels of energy too.

Man King Initiates the sex glands of males to begin making sperm, advances the post growth of the genitals, and provides the user with feelings of energy and strength — allegedly. Man King may improve energy, duplicate blood cells, and increase the functions of the kidney. Man King may help to solve impotence and immature ejaculation.

The animal extracts Pilose Antler of Young Stags and Buffalo’s Penis are believed to show a thorough effect on sexual drive, erectile power, and stamina.

Users of Man King are to take one pill ten minutes prior to any sexual activity.

– may assist in boosting sexual desire
– may boost erectile activity

– may cause heartburn in some
– may cause excessive sweating

– Ginseng
– Scalpers Penis
– Chinese Matrimony Vine
– Pilose Antler of Young Stags
– Longan Sarcocarp
– Lily
– Buffalo’s Penis
– Fur Seal’s Penis

Collected on December 21, 2010
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