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MaxMan is a male supplement that was developed in hopes to increase penis size. The positive aspect to MaxMan is that it is completely natural, so consumers are not prone to side effects that are often found in prescription drugs.

MaxMan claims to be passionate about helping men enlarge their penis size, hopefully enhancing sex life for both partners. They do this using a series of herbs that have shown positive results in improving libido and blood flow, both of which are at the core of healthy erectile function. When a man becomes aroused, nitric oxide is produced, and blood starts flowing into the penis, causing a firm erection. As men age, have surgery, etc., this process can become disrupted. Ingredients like Horny Goat Weed, Saw Palmetto, and L-Arginine combat this problem, filling in the blanks of a man’s biology, working with the body to try and rejuvenate the process. These herbs are used around the world and can have very positive results in some men.

They are directed to be taken once a day until you have achieved your desired penis size, as the blood learns how to flow properly again, filling the caverns of the penis, making the erection larger and firmer.

– 100% natural
– promotes long-term results
– claims to enhance penis size

– may require some dedication
– may not see results if you are taking high-blood pressure or anti-inflammatory medications

– Horny Goat Weed
– Avena Sateva
– Saw Palmetto
– Guarana Extract
– L-Taurine
– Tribulus Terrestris
– Ginseng Blend ( Korean / Siberian )
– Maca
– L-Arginine
– Niacin
– Macuna Pruriens
– Polypodium Vulgare
– Rhodiola Rosea
– Muira Puama
– Androstenedione

Collected on March 30, 2011
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  1. George Batman D.M.

    28. Oct, 2013

    I’ve been using Maxman for a few months now, and it’s a blessing for me as a diabetic, it does work and Vi****, Ci****, etc., didn’t. What a blessing to be anle to perform again……

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