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Natural UP is a product that is created to help men get harder erections that last longer. They also market themselves as a great help to Baby Boomers who can only achieve erections that are too soft for intercourse. The goals of this product are to help all men overcome soft erections — or to help men who suffer from total impotency gain erections. Effects of Natural UP should last up to ten hours and should be taken before sexual activity. This product is a natural alternative to prescription drugs, and claims to be especially useful for older men looking to restore their youthful sex life. Natural UP is also safe for consumers that suffer from type II diabetes and hypertension sufferers. This is a supplement that is used on an as-needed basis and is said to boost sexual potency for both men and women. A full list of the ingredients used in Natural UP is not found.


– claims to help men gain hard and full erections
– is a natural product

– ingredients not found

– Glutamic Acid
– Phenilanine
– Histidine
– Tyrosine
– Aspartic Acid
– Arginine
– Epimedium
– Lyceum
– Cistache Proline

Collected on October 20, 2010
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