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Progene works by focusing on the testosterone production of men, bringing it back up to its full potential. A low testosterone level will affect a male not just in sexual performance, but in all areas of work and personal life.

Progene is comprised of some common ingredients found in male enhancement products with a great many other ingredients – collected from a number of different countries. Progene utilizes many forms of treatment simultaneously in hopes to help overcome ED.

It is fully effective after two months in which a man is said to see a number of results, including better sexual performance and better work-out capabilities. This product is not only for male enhancement, but also – and possibly even more so – practical, general health. They do, however, include a dose of L-Arginine, which has shown positive results in stimulating the process of nitric oxide, a crucial element in men being able to achieve and maintain erections.


– claims to increase a man’s energy
– claims to increase a man’s sexual interest
– claims to speed up a man’s metabolism
– claims to increase a man’s stamina
– claims to increase metabolism in men

– may require some dedication for maximum results
– ingredients may be more focused on general health, rather than specifically erectile dysfunction

– L-Arginine
– Tongkat ali
– Guarana Seed Extract
– Saw Palmetto Berry Extract
– Damiana Leaf
– Sarsaparilla Root
– Jamaican Ginger Root
– Muira Puama Aerial Parts Extract
– Vitamin A
– Vitamin E
– Thiamin
– Niacin
– Vitamin B6
– Folate
– Vitamin B12
– Biotin
– Panthothenic Acid
– Zinc

Collected on July 10, 2010
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