Stiff Nights

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1 out of 5.

Stiff Nights is advertised as a strong male enhancement that helps create stronger and harder erections. The FDA warns consumers to stay away from this product because of potentially dangerous ingredients. Tests will show that this product contains a chemical called sulfoaildenafil, which is similar to sildenafill.  Some reported side effects of Stiff Nights have been swollen and painful testicles and headaches. More severe side effects of using the chemical sulfoaildenafil can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. The FDA calls products like these illegally marketed, unapproved, dangerous, and urges consumers to stay away. This is why it is so important to read reviews and consumer reports before making any purchases of male enhancements.


– no prescription required

– may suffer from headaches, painful and swollen testicles, and dangerously low blood pressure
– does not include Yohimbe
– illegally marketed
– tests found sulfoaildenafil in the solution – Warning

– Yi Ye Cao
– Huang Jing,
– Rou Gui
– Tongkat Ali
– Turnera Aphrodisiaca
– Cayenne 40M H.U.
– Sheng Jiang
– Bo He
– White Willow Bark
– Huang Qi
– Wu Wei Zi
– Hui Jiao Zi
– L-Arginine Monohydrate
– Arginine Alphaketoglutararte
– Arginine Ketoiscoaproate
– Cordyceps sinensis
– Ganoderma lucidum
– Lentiunula Edodes
– Auricularia auricula
– Spirulina, Chlorella
– Spinach, Barely Grass
– Wheat Grass
– Dulse Leaf, Kelp
– Alfalfa, Beet Root
– Orange Peel
– Dandelion Leaf
– Lemon Peel
– Ginkgo Leaf

Collected on August 21, 2010
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