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Testofen can play a huge role in helping men increase libido. Manufactured by Gencor Pacific, Inc., USA, Testofen hopes to also boost the immune system, increase sex drive, and help provide better erections.

After performing house studies, Gencor Pacific determined that the product Testofen was effective in improving stamina and testosterone levels. Majority of the house studies were performed on lab rats, and the results were apparent when the rats showed increased levels of testosterone, added muscle-mass, and enhanced sexual desire. Human tests of men taking Testofen versus men being injected with testosterone resulted in similar findings, further proving the effectiveness of Testofen.

Fenugreek is one of the key ingredients found in Testofen, and is a time-tested ingredient. It is known not only for its ability to increase sex drive, but also for its ability to improve digestive, bronchitis, kidney, and arthritis-related issues.

Because Testofen is an all-natural formula, side effects may not be present — or if so, likely should be minimal at best.

– claims to boost testosterone naturally
– also beneficial for body building use

– may require some dedication for maximum results
– does not contain the most common aphrodisiacs

– Fenugreek
– Gracillin
– Protogracillin
– Diosgenin
– Dioscin
– Other Saponins and Sapogenins

Collected on March 30, 2011
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Clinical Studies:

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2 Responses to “Testofen”

  1. red riter

    02. Jan, 2014

    Is this safe for 70+ man with TYPE II DI DABETES who takes
    Lithium for B/P?
    I have some lower & ok level of testrone on blood test? I have not taken this product

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  2. Gary Hyatt

    19. Oct, 2014

    Are there any clinical studies with blood tests showing increases in free testosterone as a result of taking this product? if so, what are the numbers?

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