Overall Review:
2 out of 5.

Xomax is a natural pill that claims to be the “best in rapid male enhancement”. This product also claims to make a man’s penis grow two inches longer. It is hard to believe that a natural product can instantly make a man’s penis grow two inches longer. The website for Xomax makes the product out to seem like you are buying something X rated. There are naked women, penises, and flashy advertisements everywhere. People are normally warned about these kinds of websites — getting your attention to buy their product with visuals instead of facts or clinical studies. Real consumer feedback was not able to be found.


– Natural product.
– No prescription needed.

– Cannot find real user reviews.
– Flashy website.
– No clinical studies.

– Yohimbe
– Tribulus terrestris
– Korean ginsing
– Yerba mate
– Saw palmetto
– Flos carthami
– Horny goat weed

Collected on August 6, 2010
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Clinical Studies:

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  1. Wayne Cote

    18. Jan, 2014

    I had prostate cancer back in 2006, and have been dealing with ED and related bladder problems ever since. The upside of Xomax for me was some enlargement, but it seemed to give me a better urine flow. That was the main reason I was looking to reorder this med. It did not help with the ED problem.

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