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Orange Triad from Controlled Labs is designed for active individuals. Athletes who train or are constantly on the move can endure much stress on their bodies, especially in their joints and cartilage. This products aims to be an answer to that, acting as a preventative and healing supplement.

It contains a huge amount of vitamins, hoping to enrich the body with necessary nutrition that it needs to keep functioning at a high level. Concerning this angle, Orange Triad acts similar to many multivitamins.

Aside from the vitamins and minerals in the formula, it also specifically addresses joint pain and problems. It contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfate, a pair of ingredients that is very-commonly seen in such products. Glucosamine, an amino sugar produced by the body, is used frequently as a supplement. While the body does indeed produce Glucosamine, a number of problems can occur, preventing it from producing enough to keep cartilage and connective tissues healthy. Chondroitin is found in human bone and joint cartilage. This too can break down, so supplements often carry Chondroitin Sulfate from cows or pigs to help block the enzymes that can break this cartilage down. It may even reverse the process of losing cartilage.

Users are directed to take a total of six tablets per day, preferably three in the mornings with breakfast and three in the evenings with dinner. It is also recommended to drink one to two gallons of water each day when using this product.

– may strengthen cartilage
– may provide the body with essential vitamins

– requires dedication
– may interact with multivitamins

Ingredients (+ Daily Value %):
– Vitamin A (200%)
– Vitamin C (833%)
– Vitamin D (250%)
– Vitamin E (670%)
– Vitamin K (150%)
– Thiamin (2,000%)
– Riboflavin (1,765%)
– Niacin (500%)
– Vitamin B6 (1,500%)
– Folic Acid (200%)
– Vitamin B12 (8,333%)
– Biotin (100%)
– Pantothenic Acid (1,000%)
– Calcium (25%)
– Phosphorus (5%)
– Iodine (150%)
– Magnesium (25%)
– Zinc (200%)
– Selenium (290%)
– Copper (25%)
– Manganese (150%)
– Chromium (21%)
– Molybdenum (70%)
– Potassium (1%)
– Vanadium
– Boron
– Glucosamine
– Chondroitin Sulfate
– Echinacea
– Ginger Extract
– Quercetin
– R-Alpha Lipoic Acid
– Giant Knotweed
– Bilberry
– Blueberry Extract
– Pomegranate
– Grape Seed Extract
– Raspberry Seed
– Lycopene
– Lutein

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