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Peenuts is a formula for prostate health that claims to be endorsed by cancer doctors, urologists, and family doctors. It contains many herbs and vitamins that are thought to help ease some of the symptoms related to enlarged prostates as well as prevent the chance of acquiring prostate cancer.

Like most supplements of this nature, Saw Palmetto makes its way onto the ingredient list. It has been tied to helping the free flow of urine, occasionally ending urinary retention. Another way that it is thought to help with prostate problems is by addressing nighttime urination. This is when a man feels the urge to go to the bathroom during normal sleep patterns. This can become very difficult for a man, as getting enough sleep is important for both the body and the mind. It can lead to stress and anxiety and depression.

Some studies have suggested that taking a Vitamin B6 supplement every day may help to prevent the chances of getting prostate cancer. Peenuts contains 1,000% of the recommended Daily Value of this important vitamin. Users must use caution to not overdo the Vitamin B6 intake, which may happen if already taking a multivitamin.

133% of the recommended Daily Value of zinc is also in this formula. Since the prostate contains a large amount off zinc already, it is thought that men can supplement their diets with zinc, it may help to prevent future problems from occurring.

Users are directed to take two or three pills each day, preferably with food and with a full glass of water.

– may help with nighttime urination
– may help to prevent prostate cancer

– may interfere with multivitamins
– requires some dedication

Ingredients (+ Daily Value %):
– Vitamin C (33%)
– Vitamin E (167%)
– Vitamin B6 (1,000%)
– Zinc (133%)
– Selenium (143%)
– Glycine
– L-Alanine
– Glutamic Acid
– Saw Palmetto
– Pygeum Extract
– Pumpkin Seed
– Stinging Nettle Root
– Echinacea Purpurea
– Garlic
– Ginkgo Biloba

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  1. Benjamin H

    10. Apr, 2016

    I can tell a very distinct physical difference after taking the product for 2 weeks. I have taken this product off and on for the last several years. The discomfort experienced when off of the product occurs within about 3 – 6 months. Ordering the product again today in fact.

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