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Prejaculation is a method of eliminating the embarrassment of premature ejaculation, a problem that seems to haunt many more men than thought in previous years. The makers say that if you use their system, you can double your lovemaking time – instantly – with just one of the tips included. They call part of this their “Advanced Multi-Edge Sliding” method. And to further claims along those lines, they say that within a day, you can – if you desire – increase the time spent in a sexual session two to three times the amount.

Not only do they address the issue of premature ejaculation, but they go the route of enhancing a man’s erection as well, claiming to do this with “PC Workouts”, strengthening a man’s PC muscle, and giving him more control over it. This may lead to much-improved control over the time of orgasm. This can aid in the problem of performance anxiety, one of the other things they attack.

They discuss the “best” sexual positions for the man to ensure that he can hold out longer, without necessarily decreasing his own pleasure – but at the same time, enhancing his partner’s pleasure.
They claim that orgasm and ejaculation are actually two separate things, and that if you use their method correctly, you can continue on with the “session”.

Nutrition plays a key role in Prejaculation. As with anything else, we need to keep our bodies fit and in a prime condition if we are going to partake in strenuous activities – and sex can certainly fall under this category. If nutrition is right, a man’s libido should follow with excellent results.

With no pills or lotions, this 160-page manual/instruction booklet claims to be loaded with the secrets to healthy sex life.

– may stop premature ejaculation
– may enhance a man’s sex drive
– booklet is 160 pages

– may require dedication some don’t want to give
– no herbal therapy

none; this is a booklet

Collected on January 14, 2011
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