Prostate 9 Complex

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Prostate 9 Complex from Botanic Choice has ingredients that are designed to help the body maintain a normal-sized prostate, support ways to experience a completely empty bladder, help with normal flow of urine, protect the cells of the prostate from cancer, and help with some of the symptoms of nighttime urination.

It’s no surprise that Saw Palmetto makes its way into this formula. This is due to the impact that Saw Palmetto studies have had on the herbal community.  Maybe no other herb has been linked to easing the symptoms of enlarged prostates as much as Saw Palmetto – more specifically, the berries of the plant. Certain studies suggest that even nighttime urination can be tamed by Saw Palmetto.

Lyc-O-Mato from LycoRed Natural Products Industries contains Lycopene. Lycopene is found in red tomatoes, and may provide antioxidant qualities. Even though Saw Palmetto may be more popular of an ingredient than Lycopene, Lycopene may do some stellar work on the prostate as well. If it can seek and destroy the free radicals that are trying to harm the prostate, the prostate itself may be protected from damage.

Most men in the United States will encounter some form of prostate problem in their lives.

Users are directed to take one pill each day, preferably with food and with a full glass of water. This is to prevent any mild upset stomach.

– may ease some enlarged-prostate symptoms
– may provide antioxidant qualities


– may take some time to see full results
– may interfere with certain medications

– Saw Palmetto
– Plant Phytosterols
– Pygeum Africanum Powder
– Lycopene (Lyc-O-Mato)
– Vitamin E
– Nettle Leaf Extract
– Selenium
– Nettle Leaf Extract
– Pumpkin Seed Oil
– Iodine
– Zinc

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