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Proxacine really aims to help older men feel young again. They say that this product should help men get back their youthful sexual stamina, while also boosting the overall immune system.

This anti-aging product is available to all men and without the need of a prescription. It was formulated by Dr. James Chappell, who is better known as the author of A Promise Made, A Promise Kept. All the ingredients used are claimed to be “super-natraceuticals”. He has chosen to mark Morinda Citrifia as the top key ingredient in Proxacine because of its medicinal powers, recognized by the Polynesians for what they say has been millenniums.

Proxacine comes with 90 vegetable tablets and prides itself on not using ingredients like animal charcoal. Instructions urge consumers to take this product in the mornings to experience an extra burst of energy upon rising. Each bottle should last for up to 45 days, and results should be apparent after 30 days of daily consumption.


– does not use animal charcoal
– uses super-natraceuticals

– designed for older men
– takes 30 days for results to be apparent

– Morinda Citrifolia (noni)
– N-Aceyt-L-Carnitine
– R-lipoic acid
– Protease
– Humic
– Fulvic Acid

Collected on November 21, 2010
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