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Sizetrac is a device used to both increase the size of a man’s penis and to cure Peyronie’s Disease. Peyronie’s Disease is th condition in which a man has a marked curved penis.

If Peyronie’s Disease is left untreated, a man can start to experience some serious pain. Doctors belief that it is degenerative, meaning that it will get worse throughout the man’s lifetime. Years ago, the only treatment for this disorder was surgery. The problem with surgery was that many could not afford it, it was not covered by many insurance companies, and many times it could result in a shorter penis when all was said and done.

This device claims to be able to drastically improve this curvature. In turn, the penis can become longer during this process. They claim that they can correct it up to 40% alone and up to 70% if users take part in their other therapies that they offer.

Concerning increasing penis size, the reasons that they give for men wanting to do this range from post-prostate surgery to post-penile implants. It is after these happenings that a man can see a marked shortening of his penis. More than a vanity issue, this may be a condition that many men earnestly seek out due to these causes.

– may enlarge penis
– may help with Peyronie’s Disease

– Some men may find the device to be uncomfortable.
– requires definite dedication

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