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Yohimbe is not preferable for many users
Lacks L-Arginine
Recommended replacement: Natrolex

Testomax is a male supplement intended to help with erectile dysfunction, maintain prostate health, boost energy, and help improve a man’s memory – as well as promote a healthy heart. They say that within ten days of using the product correctly, a man can lose weight, gain muscle, and boost his sexual health.

DHEA is one of the important inclusions in their formula. It is considered a precursor to the male hormone, testosterone. As a man ages, less DHEA is produced by the body, which is why many males are seeking to supplement it through natural means.

Tribulus Terrestris is known to boost testosterone, and is very popular in formulas like Testomax. One role that this extract can also play is to increase a man’s stamina, both in sexual activities as well as in athletic events.

They also address prostate health in the Testomax formula. Including Saw Palmetto shows this, as this extract from the berries of the plant contains Beta Sitosterol, commonly used to alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms that men face when their prostates enlarge.

Chrysin is another choice that may be beneficial for inhibiting the production of too much estrogen. This in turn may help men to keep some of the processes of premature aging at bay.

Finally, Muira Puama is regarded by some to be a very useful herbal extract in boosting a man’s libido and helping increase the quality of his erections.

The combination of these ingredients included in Testomax may help men achieve these claims made by the manufacturer.

– may strengthen sexual drive
– may increase energy

– some men are sensitive to Yohimbe
– can require some dedication

– Tribulus Terrestris
– Saw Palmetto
– Yohimbe
– Chrysin
– Mucuna Pruriens
– Korean Ginseng
– Ginkgo Biloba
– Muira Puama

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10 Responses to “Testomax”

  1. jeff

    21. Aug, 2012

    been taking this for 2 weeks now and still dont see a difference

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  2. ken

    15. Nov, 2013

    Is testomax200 safe to take with blood pressure med’s?



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  3. carl

    12. Dec, 2013

    Lots of hype from the company about benefits. Been taking for a month with no results as claimed.

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  4. A.Juhan

    24. Jan, 2014

    How do I return a bottle of TESTOMAX200 IT has not been opened and I cannot use it.my e mail is hajuhan@comcast.net my name is A.Juhan please get in touch asap.

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  5. steve

    18. Feb, 2014

    Took it for 3 months as directed with no results. Could have just as well been spinach. Then when I contacted them about a refund, they simply replied back that it was beyond 90 days. These folks are a rip off. Stay away.

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  6. Wayne

    25. Mar, 2014

    Do NOT deal with this company. Not only did the product NOT work (after a 2 month trial) but they charged my card for another shipment a day AFTER I canceled auto-ship. Numerous calls and emails have failed to have the charge removed. Not only that but they did NOT send any product for that charge. In spite of promises to correct it, I am still waiting so the least I can do is to warn others to avoid them.

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  7. Russell Matthews

    25. Apr, 2014

    Im 46, used test O Crap for two and a half months.
    Used it as directed. On there site, it states a bunch of stuff that is added to the tongkat ali . For some odd reason the label on the bottle only states tongkat , gingko biloba and ginger root. So where are the other ingredients ? I made the mistake of not researching this product before I shelled out for a three month supply. Along with so many bad reveiws and having No
    Results from this product. I have sent Rick Cannon an email for instructions on getting a refund. I did get a responce quickly.
    They said I should order more to make sure I used it for long enough. Maybe I need another three months for it to really kick in. I just want my money back so I can invest in other supplements that truly work.
    People that are interested in this type of product, I would look deep into something other then TEST O CRAP.
    If they state ingredient are in their product, why are they not printed on the bottle label ? I would and did come to the conclusion that they lie about their product.
    If I were to put certain ingredients in my product, I sure as hell would make sure it was printed on the label.
    Also, on the site, it states there are 40 capsules in each bottle .
    The three bottles I received only have 20 caps in each WTF ?
    I feel that I have been ripped off. And I will continue to feel this way until I get my refund. I will post this on as many blogs and product reveiw sites until I get my refund.
    Buyer Beware !
    Russell Matthews

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  8. STEVE

    04. May, 2014


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  9. Dr Chris Hertzog

    17. Jun, 2015

    It is actually a legal requirement now to state ALL the ingredients on the label.

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  10. Viv

    08. May, 2016

    Load of crap. They won’t stop sending emails that you never even asked for and no way of unsubscribing

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