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Testrong from Dr. Vanessa’s Formulas aims to be a supplement for increasing men’s libidos, improving their stamina (especially during sexual intercourse), and boost energy – as well as other areas of sexual health.

Saw Palmetto is known to be effective at treating various issues in men’s health. It can be found in numerous shampoos that are formulated to treat male pattern baldness, as well as tonics for the same goal. It also is one of the most popular herbal remedies for treating enlarged prostates, as the berries contain Beta Sitosterol. Beta Sitosterol is often used to help with nighttime urination and regulating urine flow.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that is normally produced by the body itself. However, this is not always the case, as our diets today don’t always give us the nutrition that we need to carry out essential processes. By taking L-Arginine supplements, men hope to encourage their bodies to produce nitric oxide, a key element in gaining and maintaining erections naturally.

Many are surprised by the fact that Orchic Substance is derived from the testicles of bulls. However, it has been said that it can have an impact on a man’s sexual vitality.

The company claims that their products are the result of fifteen years of research and study.

Users are directed to take two pills two times a day, preferably with full glasses of water – or as your physician directs.

– may enhance sexual health
– may provide prostate support

– potency of ingredients unknown
– dedication may be required to improve the prostate

– Raw Orchic Substance
– Boron
– Vitamin E
– Zinc
– L-Arginine
– L-Alanine
– Wild Mexican Yam Root
– Saw Palmetto
– Smilax Officianalis Root
– Stearic Acid
– Magnesium Stearate
– Micro Crystalline

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