Tribulus Raw Power

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3 out of 5.

Tribulus Raw Power is a concentrated dose of Tribulus Terrestris. It is a supplement for men that claims to be very potent. Its intent is to increase a man’s testosterone, especially men who are aging – going through Andropause – and losing testosterone more and more.

Along with increasing testosterone production, it aims to increase sexual stamina, sexual desire, and vitality – all-around sexual health.

Tribulus Terrestris has shown positive results in the above areas of study, as well as helping to increase muscle mass during recuperation after workout times.

While many other supplements for men contain smaller doses of Tribulus Terrestris and stack them with other herbal remedies, Tribulus Raw Power aims to help men by using only one ingredient, but making that ingredient wholly powerful.

Users are directed to take one tablet per day.

– may increase muscle mass
– may enhance many areas of a man’s sexual health

– contains only one ingredient
– may require some dedication as the body absorbs the supplement

– Tribulus Terrestris

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