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Rating Breakdown
Low quantity of Saw Palmetto
Lacks Quercetin
Recommended replacement: ViProsta

Urinozinc is a prostate formula for men that claims to be the only dietary supplement whose role is to ease enlarged-prostate symptoms that has been patented.

They use ingredients that are common in prostate health. Saw Palmetto is first, an extract from the berries of the plant. Studies suggest that Saw Palmetto can improve the symptoms that come with having an enlarged prostate, as well as being able to mildly shrink the prostate itself. Nighttime urination is a big factor for some who suffer from an enlarged prostate, and Saw Palmetto has been strongly linked to alleviating this problem.

Pumpkin Seed is another ingredient that may play a role in prostate health. The extract is thought to be one of Nature’s great sources of fatty acids. These fatty acids can help with the flow of urine, aiding it in flowing more freely and continuously. Our bodies cannot produce fatty acids alone, so we must get them from foods or supplements such as Urinozinc.

Zinc is considered by some to be the most important mineral in the upkeep of a healthy prostate. A healthy, functioning prostate will contain a high amount of zinc. When it becomes enlarged and unhealthy, taking supplements of zinc has been linked to shrinking the size of it.

There is also a Urinozinc Plus formula that has added 200 milligrams of Beta-Sitosterol, added Stinging Nettle and Vitamin D, and contains more Saw Palmetto.

-may shrink the prostate
-contains zinc

-can require commitment
-users must take care to not take too much Vitamin B6

– Saw Palmetto
– Pumpkin Seed
– Zinc
– Vitamin E
– Vitamin B6
– Pygeum Africanum
– Lycopene


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  1. Jorge Crusellas

    31. Dec, 2013

    Desearía saber si el Urinozinc tiene algún efecto secundario probado.

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