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Vitamin Boat Eye Support aims to give much-needed support to our eyes and vision. In today’s world, many of us are not getting the right amount of nourishment, and this can be especially problematic regarding our eyes. By using a combination of potent ingredients, the aim is to maintain healthy eyes and prevent future problems.

They have included excellent doses of lutein and zeaxanthin, both of which experts say can have great benefits to our eyes. They are both antioxidants, with lutein being found in various green vegetables. Also found in egg yolks, lutein has been linked to preventing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, both of which can be enormous problems as we get older. Zeaxanthin is also known for helping to prevent similar problems. We can find zeaxanthin in our maculas. Over time, the amount may be reduced, which is why so many experts recommend supplementation.

These aren’t the only antioxidants in this powerful formula, however; lycopene, one of nature’s favorite antioxidants, makes an appearance here. Found in tomatoes and other vegetables, lycopene is praised all around the world for having great effects concerning detoxification. It can be found in many different types of supplements, due to its versatility – and in this case, its positive effects on the eyes.

Bilberry is another important component in this Vitamin Boat formula. Pilots from way back in the day were part of a legend that said they would eat jam made from bilberries to help them see at night while flying. This part of history remains today, as people are still using supplements containing bilberry extract as they try to sharpen their vision. Billberry’s potential effectiveness remains in the public consciousness, and is actually growing in popularity once again.

– very potent ingredients
– may help prevent many eye problems
– may help sharpen vision

– requires some mild dedication

– Lutein
– Zeaxanthin
– Bilberry
– Carrot
– Eyebright
– Lycopene

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22 Responses to “Vitamin Boat Eye Support”

  1. Kimberly

    21. May, 2012

    good product for prevention

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  2. Phillip

    02. Aug, 2012

    Is there a point in using this after your eyes go bad?

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    • sweetiepie

      25. Nov, 2012

      Phillip, if you are asking will this product fix your current problems than the answer really depends on what is making your eyes “bad.” I have a huge history in my family of poor eyesight and other issues so that’s why I take Eye Support. I don’t want my eyes to go bad (get any worse). It has helped me so far. Never too late to start trying.

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      • Isabelle A

        16. May, 2013

        if you want to keep your eyes in the condition they are than yes. I take the supplements to maintain health and prevent problems of course. My son doesn’t understand prevention yet, but he will thank me one day for making him take this product too.

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  3. Avalon

    29. Nov, 2012

    I read that you were supposed to take this product everyday. Is this necessary?

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    • Connor

      30. Mar, 2013

      With most natural ingredients it is necessary until you feel relief without their assistance. However, Eye Support seems to be specifically beneficial for prevention so I would def. recommend taking daily.

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      • Boris

        01. Apr, 2013

        Taking everyday is a good idea. I made it a habit to take one of these pills with my breakfast. It’s easy to remember and I know that I’m doing my eyes a favor.

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  4. Miriam

    13. Mar, 2013

    I’ve done plenty of research on lutein and other natural ingredients. The combination of herbs in eye bright is fantastic. Glad to have found this product

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  5. Betsey

    04. May, 2013

    A+ formula

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  6. Elizabeth

    03. Jun, 2013

    I am only 27 but am a huge health freak! Am I too young to start taking this? Should I hold off?

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    • Abel

      07. Oct, 2013

      no way. ha! I am in my 60s. I sure wish I would had started younger.

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  7. Gilliam

    17. Jul, 2013

    Is it safe to combine with other meds?

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    • catcher35

      20. Aug, 2013

      I take one of these daily with an unfortunate load of meds. I cleared it with my doctor who said it wouldn’t effect my current conditions.

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      • P.C.B

        11. Oct, 2013

        I highly doubt that you will have any problems when combining with other things. I take eye support and a prostate relief supplement everyday together. No side effects and I benefit from both

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  8. Jeremiah

    18. Sep, 2013


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    • M Butler

      07. Oct, 2012

      Have you read the ingredient list above? They’re all natural so they are safe.

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  9. ?

    10. Oct, 2013

    Does this contain any shellfish?

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  10. Jillian

    25. Oct, 2013

    What time of day is best to take this? Will it upset my stomach on an empty stomach?

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  11. Cody A

    06. Nov, 2013

    Can I consume with caffeine?

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    • Sara Adams

      17. Nov, 2013

      of course… you can basically think of a natural supplement as harmless…unless you read a specific warning. Usually that is only with sexual enhancement type pills and taking too much

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