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Wobenzym N from Garden of Life is supplement designed to help with joint issues. It aims to support the way the body naturally response to inflammation increase mobility and flexibility, and ease some of the aching associated with arthritis or other problems in the joints.

Pancreatin is typically an extract from cows’ and pigs’ pancreases. It is commonly used as a remedy for low enzyme levels in the pancreas. This type of enzymatic therapy may help with inflammation of the joints, according to some claims.

Wobenzym N has also included Papain and Bromelain in their formula.  These two supplements are often seen in products that aim to treat some of the pain in the joints. They are reportedly thought to speed up some of the process of healing after a person has an illness or injury. Papain has been regarded by many to help much of the pain associated with both inflammatory and noninflammatory arthritis (inflammatory arthritis = rheumatoid types of arthritis). Concerning inflammatory arthritis, papain may boost the body’s analgesia, helping users to recover more quickly and avoid inflammation. The noninflammatory kind of arthritis (osteoarthritis) is thought to benefit from papain by allowing the fruit to assist in removing some of the cellular waste that can build up in the joint area.

The other ingredients in the product may not be as potent as the above-listed ones, but are essentially integral to how the product works in the body.

Users are directed to take six tablets each day, spreading them out into two doses of three tablets at a time. They should be taken without food at least 45 minutes before eating  – and always with a full glass of water.

– may prevent inflammation
– may ease some of the pain associated with arthritis

– short ingredient list
– six pills a day may be a lot for some users

– Pancreatin
– Papain
– Bromelain
– Trypsin
– Chymotrypsin
– Rutin

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  1. Melissa

    12. May, 2012

    I tried this stuff and ended up taking 6 pills per day for it to work. It worked fine, but 6 pills????? not for me.

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