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GNC Men’s X-TraFen is a supplement specifically designed for men who are looking to improve their sexual health. This can mean a number of things, from eliminating erectile dysfunction, improving stamina during sexual intercourse, and solving the problem of premature ejaculation. The formula consists of 600mg of Fenugreek seed extract, commonly used to treat such issues.

Fenugreek is found growing naturally in areas around the Mediterranean Sea. Many countries in that area have been using Fenugreek in their cooking and in health practices. Medicinally, tradition states that ancient Egyptians used it in healing processes, as well as to embalm the dead. Other ancient cultures also used it in similar ways, believing it could help with digestive problems, liver function, and mild cold viruses.

These cultures – as well as more and more cultures today – were/are also aware of Fenugreek’s ability to act as an aphrodisiac, strengthening the libido. Keeping the kidneys healthy is known to directly affect sexual health, and this is stressed in Chinese medicine. Detoxification is also a primary goal. Fenugreek contains many essential vitamins and minerals, making it a very nourishing herbal extract.

Other benefits related to sexual health that Fenugreek is thought to provide are helping with the circulatory system and blood flow. This can be extremely important when considering that proper blood flow is crucial to the man’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection for any beneficial period of time.

– may improve sexual health
– may provide many other health benefits

– contains only one active ingredient
– requires some dedication

– Fenugreek Seed Extract

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