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Xenadrine ULTRA is a dietary supplement for those looking to lose weight. Its aim is to help burn fat, control appetite, and give more energy. It claims to accomplish these goals through proven ingredients that have been shown to work through clinical studies.

While not always specifically used in weight-loss supplements, the phytosterol complex that Xenadrine has included has shown positive results in helping to lower cholesterol. While cholesterol mistakenly has been given a “bad” reputation, there is such a thing as “healthy” cholesterol, and lowering it to a healthy level is what phytosterol aims to do.

While caffeine has long been used to speed up metabolism and act as an appetite suppressant, the other four ingredients may be worth mentioning, as they are not quite as common as caffeine concerning weight-loss ingredients: Frauenmantle Leaf Extract, Wild Olive Leaf Extract, Cormino Seed Extract, and Horsemint Leaf Extract. These four ingredients combined are used in other supplements, and the studies done by the manufacturers have shown much promise in helping users to lose more weight than those who excluded these ingredients.

Users are directed to take one capsule with water half an hour before meals daily (three total capsules) for the first three days, increasing to two capsules with water before meals starting on day four.

– may help suppress appetite
– may speed up metabolism


– some may be sensitive to caffeine
– may require commitment for maximum results

– Caffeine
– Para-amino-benzoic Acid
– Phytosterol Complex
– Frauenmantle Leaf Extract
– Wild Olive Leaf Extract
– Cormino Seed Extract
– Horsemint Leaf Extract

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Clinical Studies:

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