Vacu Tech Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

The Vacu Tech pump is a penile vacuum system that works by creating pressure in all directions around the penis. This is done through a system of pumps and tubes. When pressure is created around the penis, blood is drawn, and an erection is obtained. Unfortunately, this is only a short-term treatment for erectile dysfunction. Unlike a pill, a pump cannot prepare a man at all times.

The Vacu Tech must be used before each session of sex. This can be incredibly embarrassing and inconvenient. In addition, this product is extremely bulky and well, unattractive. Having to use this before sexual contact is definitely going to be unwanted by a customer, and the results may not even last long (the erection can cease to exist after just minutes or less.)

Lastly, the Vacu Tech claims to be able to increase penis size permanently. However, their method of enlargement has yet to be proven.

Vacu Tech Benefits: 

-immediate Results

Vacu Tech Negatives:
-short-term results only
-the erection may be lost soon after use

Clinical Studies: 

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