Super Miraforte Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Super MiraForte is both a sexual supplement and a prostate supplement, with emphasis on the sexual side. They approach it as a yin-yang problem; if one is having problems, part of the solution may lie in the other.

The prostate is supported in this formula by the inclusion of zinc, stinging nettle, and ginger. The prostate already should contain a zinc deposit, but over time there can be problems. By supplementing the body with appropriate doses of this ever-important mineral, it has been said that many problems can be prevented. The crossover here is that zinc is used to help produce quality semen. Stinging nettle is used to treat some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate, which can directly affect a man’s sex life. Anything from nighttime urination to pain during urination is said to decrease when using nettle over a period of time. Finally, ginger is known as a proper antioxidant, helping rid the body of dangerous free radicals.

Testosterone gets lost along the way. Formulas often use Maca to try and get these levels back up to where they can positively affect a decreasing sex drive. Although it may take a while, many men have reported that Maca has worked for them. Similar things have been said about Muira Puama, known as a great male tonic in many cultures around the world.

Bioperine is a brand name, included because it may help to increase the potency of the other ingredients in the body. It is seen in other formulas, thought to increase the value of the ingredients that surround it.

Super Miraforte Benefits:

– may increase sex drive
– may reduce prostate problems

Super Miraforte Negatives:

– a somewhat short active ingredient list
– may require many weeks to see maximum results

Super Miraforte Ingredients:

– Muira Puama
– Zinc
– Chrysin
– Nettle
– Maca Root
– Ginger Extract
– HMRlignan Norway Spruce
– Bioperine

Clinical Studies: 

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