Centrum Performance is a multivitamin designed for people who are active and enjoy physical activity. It is rich in antioxidants as well as very high in B Vitamins, aiming to give the metabolism and immune system the nourishment they need to support this way of living.

B Vitamins play an important role in metabolism and physical activity. Centrum Performance contains 300% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B2, commonly called Riboflavin. While all of the B Vitamins play a role in converting carbohydrates into fuel, Vitamin B2 can work as an antioxidant, helping to rid the body of potentially harmful free radicals.

Vitamin B1, or Thiamin, It can keep the mucous membranes of the body healthy, maintain normal nervous-system function, help the heart stay healthy, and aid muscles. B1 can aid in digestive function as well, producing hydrochloric acid to help the stomach digest the food. Finally, as with other B Vitamins, it can help convert carbohydrates into fuel that the body uses for energy.

Vitamin B6, in the formula at 300% of the Daily Value, may fight homocysteine in the body. Elevated levels of homocysteine, a naturally-occurring amino acid, is not a negative element in the body while acting alone. However, if the body does not have enough B Vitamins or Folic Acid, it can cause damage to the arteries.

– loaded with B Vitamins
– good iron content

– not high in Vitamin K (31% of the Daily Value)
– low in calcium (10% of the Daily Value)

Ingredients (+Daily Value %):
– Vitamin A (70%)
– Vitamin C (200%)
– Vitamin D (100%)
– Vitamin E (200%)
– Vitamin K (31%)
– Thiamin (300%)
– Riboflavin (300%)
– Niacin (200%)
– Vitamin B6 (300%)
– Folic Acid (100%)
– Vitamin B12 (300%)
– Biotin (17%)
– Pantothenic Acid (120%)
– Calcium (10%)
– Iron (100%)
– Phosphorous (5%)
– Iodine (100%)
– Magnesium (10%)
– Zinc (73%)
– Selenium (100%)
– Copper (45%)
– Manganese (200%)
– Chromium (100%)
– Molybdenum (100%)
– Chloride (2%)
– Potassium (2%)

Other Ingredients
– Ginseng
– Boron
– Nickel
– Silicon
– Tin
– Vanadium

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