Vigamaxx is an herbal supplement designed for men who may be experiencing prostate issues. Even before a man reaches the age of 50, he can being to experience some health issues regarding his prostate. Some of those issues are: frequent urination, inflammation of the prostate, slow urination, blood in the urine and sperm, and nighttime urination that interrupts normal sleep patterns.

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3 out of 5.

Vigamaxx aims to improve problems with the prostate, boost sexual performance, help with urination issues, improve problems with urination (including trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night), and improve circulation.

Ganoderma Lucidum, a mushroom, is in the Vigamaxx formula. It has been used for many years is Eastern Tradition to help ease anxiety, strengthen the liver, and promote lung strength. It is thought to have antioxidant properties and anti-tumor properties and may improve the body’s circulation while reducing blood pressure.

Cordyceps is often used in male-enhancement supplements (sexual supplements). It is thought to also have antioxidant abilities while increasing a man’s sexual drive, act as an inflammatory mechanism, and strengthen the kidneys.

Cynomorium is used because it has been linked to improving the body’s immune system, strengthening a man’s libido, and improving overall sexual performance – while enhancing the metabolism.

Continuing on the sexual aspect, men with prostate problems frequently have issues related to sexual performance. They can also have pain in their lower backs and groins. Vigamaxx claims to address many of these issues in their supplement.

– may aid in the desire for healthy prostate
– may boost sexual performance

– does not contains vitamins
– may require 30 days for full results

– Ganoderma Lucidum
– Cordyceps
– Cynomorium Songaricum Extract
– Kudzu Root Extract
– Spirulina Platensis

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