Libido-Max’s aim may be evident from its name. It strives to improve performance and desire for both men and women. Using an all-natural mixture that they say has been formulated by scientists, the makers of Libido-Max claim that their product will help men in generating the raw, explosive power that many want. This is an issue for many as they strive to perform better and satisfy their partners. They claim to help reclaim that “full pleasure” that an orgasm offers. It also may be a reliever of stress (both the supplement and an orgasm!).

They attack this problem on the scientific level that is common among other libido-boosting products: nitric oxide. The product contains L-Arginine, which has been reportedly shown to boost nitric oxide levels in both sexes.

There are plenty of other common ingredients in Libido-Max that may help in sexual health, as well.

The emotional angle that the company is coming from is one of understanding that sex does not – or SHOULD not – stop after we reach our thirties. But things like stress and high blood pressure can limit hormone development, interfering with our “normal” sexual aspects of our lives.

Libido-Max claims to help solve these issues.

– may boost libido
– for both men and women

– clinical trials not shown

– Arginine
– Maca Powder Root
– Ashwagandha Powder Root
– Horny Goat Weed Extract Leaf
– Tribulus Terrestris Extract
– Yohimbe Bark Powder
– CDP Choline
– Dimethylglycine
– L Tyrosine
– Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide
– Ginger Root Extract
– Piper Longum Extract
– Bioperine and Black Pepper Extract

Overall Review:
3 out of 5.