Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula aims to help men who are losing their hair. They say they are the only formula that works in their specific way, as the formula is designed to have the scalp perfectly absorb it. Their plan, according to their site, involved making sure their patients would be safe using their product and that it would be effective in growing and maintaining hair.

The two main ingredients are Tretinoin and Minoxidil. The company claims that Minoxidil by itself may not be enough to obtain the desired results. They claim that Minoxidil cannot be readily absorbed into a man’s scalp or his hair follicles by itself; rather, Tretinoin can triple the rate at which Minoxidil can be absorbed. They also claim that Minoxidil alone cannot repair the constant damage to hair follicles.

Users are directed to use the formula as a two-part program. The first part consists of using the formula four times each day, as this should allow the hair follicles to best absorb it. Three bottles of the formula a month is the suggested usage.

After a man’s hair has grown back, the next stage is the “maintenance” stage. During this time, the company suggests that users use Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula only one time each day, using one bottle approximately every four to six weeks.

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula Benefits:

– may stop hair loss
– may promote hair growth

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula Negatives:

– may cause side effects
– requires dedication

Dr. Lewenberg’s Formula Ingredients:

– Tretinoin (active ingredient)
– Minoxidil (active ingredient)

Clinical Studies: 

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