ProMagnum-XL claims to be a doctor-approved, all-natural solution to reaching full potential concerning erections. They say they have been featured in numerous media outlets, including Maxim and GQ, and that they are the only organic product for penis enlargement approved by doctors.

They say they can help main gain from four to six inches in length and up to four inches in thickness (girth). Aside from the measurements of the erection, they all address stamina during sexual intercourse as well as production of pheromones.

ProMagnum-XL claims to begin working in as few as 45 minutes, with possible maximum results after six to seven weeks. They say that results have the potential to be permanent.

The formula is a product of MetaHerbal Laboratories. They have been practicing for almost 25 years, claiming to import the best herbs and botanical products that are available.

– may enlarge erections
– may begin working immediately

– four to six inches in growth may be unrealistic for many men
– may require dedication for maximum results

– Epimedium Sagitum Extract
– Hawthorn Berry
– Korean Red Ginseng
– Maca
– Muira Pauma Extract
– Saw Palmetto
– Cayenne
– Echinacea Purposa
– Ginkgo Biloba
– Oatstraw

Overall Review:
3 out of 5.