Kaprex Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Kaprex from Metagenics is a product meant for people who are experiencing joint problems. This includes those who have daily, recurring pain and stiffness as well as inflammation. Over time, even with good nutrition, many people can begin to develop problems in their joints. The daily wear and tear over time will often begin as early as age 40 – or sometimes even earlier.

The company has a patent on what they have called “Tetrase”, their own blend of an acid that has been created from hops. They say that Tetrase may help people who are experiencing inflammation, especially in the joints. While some inflammation is common and natural (and not necessarily a “bad” thing), too much inflammation in the joints can cause problems. That is the type of inflammation that products such as Kaprex hope to address and alleviate.

Rosemary, an easy-to-obtain, over-the-counter herbal product, has countless uses in the human body. It has been used for ages to treat numerous problems and conditions. One of these is to help with circulatory-system function. Another is to serve as an antioxidant, helping the body rid itself of potentially-harmful toxins. Finally, it also may help soothe some of the pain commonly associated with arthritis – as well as help alleviate some muscle pain.

Kaprex Benefits:

– may help with pain and inflammation
– may provide antioxidant benefits

Kaprex Negatives:

– ingredient list somewhat unclear at the time of review
– not for those with shellfish allergies

Kaprex Ingredients:

– Tetrase
– Oleanolic Acid
– Rosemary Leaf Extract
– Soybean Oil

Clinical Studies: 

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