M-Sten 10 Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

M-Sten 10 is a rhyming product that seems to deliver quite a punch. While the not much reliable information was found on this product at the time of this review, there are certain facts about it that we were able to dig up, as well as a few consumer reviews. So let’s begin!

A powerful ingredient in this product is methylstenabol. This compound has made its name for itself by giving athletes and bodybuilders a powerful – if not intriguing – “edge”. With a warning to not take this product if you are being drug tested or working under supervision, one has to look a little deeper into this.

This is not to say in any way that M-Sten 10 has any sort of illegal substance in it, as that seems extremely doubtful. But as with anything – especially products that don’t do much advertising or have a readily-available “official” site – a little pre-purchasing investigation should be the standard.

And not just for this product: even if a product claims to be “all natural” or if all the ingredients listed are considered “safe”, our bodies can react in different – and sometimes unexpected – ways. We can develop new allergies as we get older, and your doctor may catch on to trends developing in your body.

M-Sten 10 Ingredients:

– 2a, 17a-dimethyl-17b-hydroxy-5a-androstane-1-ene-3-one (from box cover)

M-Sten 10 Benefits:

– claims to help bodybuilders get a much-needed edge
– users report obvious muscle gain

M-Sten 10 Negatives:

– lack of official site
– ingredients listed on box reported being incomplete by some users
– users report lethargy

Clinical Studies: 

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