Puritan’s Pride One Daily Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Puritan’s Pride One Daily is a multivitamin designed for active men. It has included extra Vitamin D for bone support and to help boost the immune system. It also contains a high dosage of zinc to help with metabolism and the reproductive system. Lycopene is also found in this formula.

Vitamin D, which we also get from the sun, may play an important role in immune system health. Some studies have shown that it does this by triggering and arming the T-cells in the body. T-cells are the cells that attack and kill viruses and bacteria.

Zinc is important to prostate health. The prostate requires the mineral in order to function at a proper level. If there is a zinc deficiency in the body, it can lead to prostate enlargement, and if left untreated can begin to interfere with urination. Zinc has also been linked to increased sperm count, which can be helpful when starting a family, as it can increase the chance of fertilization.

Also involved in the fight for prostate health is lycopene, found in tomatoes and in Puritan’s Pride One Daily. Studies involving tomato-based pasta sauce suggest that it can play a major role in the maintenance of the prostate. Prostate cancer – as well as other prostate problems – is one of the most common ailments in men as they age, and it is recommended to take preventative action.

Puritan’s Pride One Daily Ingredients (+Daily Value %):

– Vitamin A (70%)
– Vitamin C (100%)
– Vitamin D (175%)
– Vitamin E (75%)
– Vitamin K (25%)
– Thiamin (80%)
– Riboflavin (100%)
– Niacin (80%)
– Vitamin B6 (150%)
– Folic Acid (100%)
– Vitamin B12 (300%)
– Biotin (10%)
– Pantothenic Acid (50%)
– Calcium (21%)
– Magnesium (30%)
– Zinc (100%)
– Selenium (157%)
– Copper (100%)
– Manganese (100%)
– Chromium (100%)
– Potassium (3%)

Puritan’s Pride One Daily Benefits:

– specially formulated for active men
– contains 100% of the Daily Value of numerous vitamins

Puritan’s Pride One Daily Negatives:

– not a significant source of Vitamin K (25% of DV)
– not a significant source of potassium (3% of DV)

Other Ingredients
– Lycopene

Clinical Studies: 

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