Topricin Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

Topricin is a homeopathic approach to joint and other pain relief. It comes in the form of a topical solution (cream) and contains natural ingredients to help sufferers.

The first of their ingredients is Arnica Montana, commonly used to treat arthritis. It is said that it can ease injuries and help with bruising. It is also called Leopard’s Bane.

Echinacea is used for its ability to fight against inflammation. If the body can fight off inflammation, there is a better chance to fight off the pain that is commonly associated with arthritis.

Another choice of an ingredient for this supplement is Crotalus. Crotalus is used for improving circulation and many say that it can be effective in treating bruises. Some experts also say that it can also be effective in speeding up the process of joint repair – as well as the repair of muscles and nerves that have been damaged.

While ingredients such as these are commonly dismissed by much of the world as being ineffective in comparison to either prescription medication, this is not a fair assertion. Over the years, herbal remedies have proven over and over that they can be just as effective or more effective than medicine prescribed by doctors, without many of the unwanted and often harmful side effects.

That said, many people are crying out for more studies to be done concerning the ingredients in this formula as well as other approaches to homeopathic remedies for joint problems. Thankfully, many experts have responded, and these studies are currently being done.

Users with joint pain are directed to apply the solution to the entire joint area, covering at least 3 inches above and below the painful area. Massage into the skin until it is completely absorbed; then, do another application directly on the area that is painful.

Topricin Benefits:

– may help with joint pain
– may inhibit some inflammation

Topricin Negatives:

– ingredients largely unknown to arthritis sufferers in the Western World
– dedication may be required

Topricin Ingredients:

– Arnica Montana
– Rhus Tox
– Ruta Graveolens
– Lachesis Muta
– Belladonna
– Echinacea
– Crotalus
– Aesculus
– Heloderma
– Naja
– Graphites

Clinical Studies: 

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