True Athlete Training Formula Overall Review: 3 out of 5.

True Athlete Training Formula is unique in the fact that the company made the product without banned substances that are often checked for in many sports. This can include hockey, baseball, football, soccer, boxing, wrestling, and others. The company claims that the True Athlete Training Formula is a superior pre-workout product that can enhance muscle growth and increase endurance and performance. Creatine is an active ingredient in this product. AstraGin is what separates this product from others. AstraGin is made from ginseng and astragalus. Nutrients are carried through the body by transporter proteins responding to mRNA expressions. AstraGin may increase the activity of these proteins by increasing the expression of the mRNA.

Arginine is also the main ingredient in this product. It is believed that Arginine keeps blood vessels open by dilation. This improves blood flow, which allows a person to work out harder for longer. Creatine encourages muscles to retain water. When muscles are supplied with a lot of water, they are able to function better and grow faster. Creatine has been known to cause dehydration if the consumer doesn’t drink enough water.

1 to 3 scoops should be taken with water 30-45 minutes prior to working out. Upon first using the product, try 1 scoop – then work your way up if needed. Do not try 3 scoops unless needed.

True Athlete Training Formula Benefits:

– may provide increased energy
– may contribute to muscle growth and endurance
– completely legal for sports

True Athlete Training Formula Negatives:

– possible side effects of Creatine
– can contribute to sleeping problems (if taken too late in the day)

True Athlete Training Formula Ingredients:

– Creatine Monohydrate
– Arginine
– Beta Alanine
– AstraGin

Clinical Studies: 

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